Test & Measurement EQUIPMENT RENTAL SALE & LEASE Solutions

Somerset also offer a variety of RF and optical accessories that are often demanded to complete a test solution.


Personal RF Monitor


The FieldSENSE 2.0 is the next generation in Personal RF Monitors specifically designed for protecting personnel working near broadcast and telecommunications transmitting antennas from EMF overexposure.

5G Personal RF Monitor


The FieldSENSE 60 is the personal RF monitor with a proven track record of ensuring on-site employee safety. The FieldSENSE 60 is specifically designed with the climber in mind – whether working in the near-field of a broadcast system, in the far-field of a 5G system, from towers to roof tops and bucket trucks.

JMA Wireless


Complete Tool Kit for 1/2″ Superflex, 1/2″ Annular, 7/8″ & 1-5/8″ Standard Cables.

ZDA Communications

YAGI Antenna

698-790 MHz, 14 dbi

Frequency: 698-790MHz, gain: 14dBi, 700 MHz Yagi Antennas series designed primarily for directional applications, Point to Multipoint applications . It is ideally suited for 700MHz LTE band and public safety Band.

ECSite Application Software

ECSite is an end-to-end SaaS platform for fully automated site-closeout for iDAS venues, oDAS/small cells and macro sites. ECSite offers a mobile app and a cloud service for managing data collection, checklists and verification through various phases of site construction and maintenance. It has been adopted by the major 3POs and has been successfully deployed for use from small malls to large stadiums to small cells.