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Vector Network Analyzers

VectorStar™ 70 GHz 2 Port VNA

The VectorStar™ MS4647B VNA offers the broadest coverage in a single instrument, 70 kHz to 70 GHz. The additional two decades at the low end are even more impressive than the guaranteed 70 GHz coverage on the high end.

VectorStar™ 70 GHz 4 Port VNA

4 port version of the above.

VectorStar™ 110/125 GHz 2 Port VNA

The VectorStar™ ME7838AX VNA series delivers 109 dB dynamic range at 110 GHz and excellent noise floor performance for high-sensitivity measurements across the entire sweep range. Stable broadband performance means you can make high-accuracy measurements all day, with the confidence that your calibration remains rock solid! Spend less time calibrating and more time measuring.

ShockLine™ 43.5 GHz 4 Port VNA

The ShockLine™ MS46524B series are 4-port performance vector network analyzers (VNAs). Delivering an unprecedented level of value and performance in a multiport VNA, this series lowers the cost-of-test and speeds time-to-market in numerous test applications up to 43.5 GHz. These include: characterizing and manufacturing multiport mobile network devices and equipment for 28 GHz and 39 GHz 5G applications; differential cables; high-speed data interconnects; and system integration components.