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Somerset T&M Solutions provides field portable microwave and GPS antenna alignment tools from leading manufacturers such as the 3Z RF Aligner from 3Z Telecom and the Sunsight AntennAlign® Alignment Tool (AAT).

Antenna Alignment Tools are used to position and align panel antennas and point-to-point microwave systems with high precision using GPS technology. Using GPS Technology antenna aligners are designed to quickly and accurately optimize the transmission path between two microwave antennas. 

3Z Telecom

RF Aligner

0.75 degrees RMS

The 3Z RF Aligner is the most compact GPS Antenna Alignment Tool in the industry. It incorporates GPS technology to calculate precise Azimuth, Tilt, Roll and AGL measurements for a multitude of directional antenna systems. Our universal antenna mounting system is used for quick antenna attachment and release.


RF Aligner
Antenna Alignment Tools

AAT08 – 0.08 degrees RMS
AAT15 – 0.15 degrees RMS 
AAT30 – 0.3 degrees RMS

The Sunsight AntennAlign® Alignment Tool (AAT) is the toughest, most accurate antenna alignment tool for cellular panel installation or antenna alignment audits. It measures antenna alignment in azimuth, tilt, and roll (plumb) while also indicating its height above ground level (AGL) with the Laser Rangefinder Option.


In addition to the core products that we carry, we can also offer accessories such as phase-matched cables, adapters, calibration kits, antennas and more with your rentals!