Test & Measurement EQUIPMENT RENTAL & LEASE Solutions

Somerset recommends the Test Instrument Automation Software from our partner ECSite, for fully automated testing and real-time monitoring capabilities when paired with a field portable analyzer from Anritsu, EXFO, Rohde & Schwarz, or Kaelus

ECSite is an end-to-end SaaS platform for fully automated site-closeout for iDAS venues, oDAS/small cells and macro sites. Can you test all of your cables (coax, fiber, CAT6) and antennas, control your test instruments, take photos and videos, fill out checklists, take notes, all on one app via your mobile device? With ECSite solution, you can.

ECSite offers a mobile app and a cloud service for managing data collection, checklists and verification through various phases of site construction and maintenance. It has been adopted by the major 3POs and has been successfully deployed for use from small malls to large stadiums to small cells.

ECSite is compatible with the following popular field portable instruments that Somerset has available for rental

Anritsu PIM Master

Anritsu MT1000
Network Master Pro

Anritsu Site Master

Kaelus iVA

Anritsu Spectrum Master


Kaelus iPA Analyzers

Rhode & Schwarz FPH

End-to-End Site Testing From Design Source


MoP Templates

All major US carrier’s MoPs have already been templatized for an easy set-up.


Test Automation

End-to-end automation of cable sweeps, PIMs, fiber, CAT6, CW testing, closeout photos, and forms.


Realtime Progress

Provides instant visibility of progress at the site including push reports and alerts.


AI Powered

Portal dashboard provides analytics, insights and AI/ML-based predictions


Site Photos

Geolocated and timestamped with VR 360 degree capability to ensure valid, accurate site images.


Cloud Processing

Enables instant closeout-package generation, specific to each carrier’s standard.


Instrument Agnostic

ECSite-enabled tablets work with all of the major brands of site testing instruments.


5G and CBRS (ONGO) Ready

We’re ready for the next generation of wireless so you will be, too.

ECSite Mobile App

Android App for the Field

  • Mobile app compatible with any Android tablet or smartphone.
  • Connect wirelessly to test instrument through Bluetooth or WiFi via the ECSite dongle.
  • Techs are able to test directly from their mobile device allowing techs to move freely without lugging the test instrument around.
  • Supports over 50 instrument types and accessories.

Test Automation

  • Testing Application captures the raw dat files and screen shots from the testing instruments, provides notes and photos all organized and instantaneously captured once the test is completed.
  • Using Machine Learning, the app captures errors and provides mitigation instructions live.
  • Application controls the instrument with pre-populated data straight from the design source to ensure accuracy in testing.

ECSite Dashboard

Manage All Sites At Various Construction Phases

  • Project Management capabilities and ability to see the progress of all of the sites in various phases, all in map and graph views for quicker and easier updates.
  • Visibility onto the construction site via data collection so there will be no more chasing GCs and Techs for updates.
  • Daily updates provided to the team with ECSite Overview to ensure accuracy.

Realtime Updates

  • Data and site photos coming direct from the field into the cloud right when technicians sync.
  • Ability to VPN offsite into the instrument live.
  • Engineers can modify the App if the MOP and Test Plan changes through the portal to instantly change the test plan for techs in the field.
  • Instant and nightly summaries and notifications can be emailed to your team so you know in real-time when testing has been completed and what those results are.

Data Analytics

  • All data is electronic facilitating big-data/ML/AI processing.
  • Application is time-stamped, geo-fenced and user-specific.
  • Analytics for workflow efficiency, inventory/material, and time management.
  • Templates customized per customer for a national standard closeout and reporting package.
  • Portal that generates all data in a click of a button to automate the closeout documents.

ECSite's Engineering Services

IBWave As-Builts

Branch Design

Report Processing