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Fluke 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator

Featured rental product of the month, in stock and ready to ship to address the calibration needs of a wide-range of bench instruments.  Rental rates starting at $1,500/mo. The Fluke 5522A is provided with OEM 17025 calibration, so that it’s a plug-and-play accredited lab standard

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Why Rent with Somerset T&M Solutions?

  • Somerset Capital group has been in the leasing business for more than 30 years
    • Stable company with a long track record of supporting our customers
    • Focused on supporting customers with equipment knowledge-driven solutions, not just financing – in all equipment verticals
    • Total leased assets of > $1B
  • Somerset T&M Solutions is co-located with our Somerset ATE Solutions group
    • Leverages our existing test equipment knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure
    • Local/accredited calibration capabilities
  • Our portfolio and rental programs will be guided by you
    • We are building on the experience and structures of a decades-old leasing company to create a test and measurement equipment rental company that you can mold
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Our team is ready to help you with a customized approach to your T&M rental needs