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Fiber Fusion Splicers are used to join two ends of the optical fiber or ribbon together in such a way that light passing is not scattered or reflected back by the splice. Fiber optic fusion splicers are extremely useful tools that are widely used in the field of communications. They are essential in maintenance and servicing operations. 

Somerset field portable fiber fusion and ribbon fusion splicers from leading manufacturer Fujikura.


Fiber Fusion Splicer

70S+ Series


Applicable fibers: Single / SMF (G.652/657), MMF (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZDSF (G.655)

The 70S+ is the new standard core alignment fusion splicer covering varied splicing needs in those fields with a series of innovative features, such as automated wind protector / tube heaters, 6 seconds splicing and 9 seconds tube heating, ruggedized body, improved carrying case, wireless communication functions, etc.

Ribbon Fusion Splicer

70R+ Series


Applicable fibers: Single-mode (G.652 & G.657), Multimode (G.651), DS (G.653), NZDS (G.655)

The Fujikura 70R+ ribbon splicer utilizes precision, fixed v-groove technology for splicing ribbon fiber up to 12 fibers, including single fibers.