Test & Measurement EQUIPMENT RENTAL SALE & LEASE Solutions

Somerset T&M Solutions offers field portable fiber fusion splicers and ribbon fusion splicer models for purchase, lease or rent from leading manufacturers such as Fujikura’s 90S+ and 90R series, as well as Sumitomo.

Fiber Fusion Splicers or Splicing Systems are used to join two ends of the optical fiber or ribbon together in such a way that light passing is not scattered or reflected back by the splice. Fiber optic fusion splicers are extremely useful tools that are widely used in the field of communications. They are essential in maintenance and servicing operations. 


Fiber Fusion Splicer

90S+ Series


The Fujikura 90S+ features a new multi-function sheath clamp which incorporates an innovative dual clamping capability that enables proper clamping of loose jacketed 900 µm without the need to exchange the sheath clamp. New fiber retention clamps also secure the completed splice in the v-grooves to enable quicker application of the protection sleeve and transfer to the sleeve heater.

Fiber Fusion Splicer

90R Series


The 90R series solves this long-standing issue with user replaceable V-groove assembly incorporating electrodes which makes this issue a thing of the past and is supplied as standard equipment with the 90R series. This new V-groove assembly can be quickly and easily replaced in the field, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Fiber Fusion Splicer

Sumitomo Q102-CA+

The Q102-CA+ Quantum Fusion Splicer Kit offers improved splicing performance, reliability, and overall experience with our new features and technologies, including its world-class*2 light and compact frame, quick splicing, and environmental durability. We include 250um, 900um & Loose Fiber Holders.

Ribbon Fusion Splicer

Sumitomo Q102-M12

The Q102-M12 Quantum Compact Mass Ribbon Fusion Splicer Kit. Consistent and quality low-loss splicing, the compatibility with Lynx-CustomFit™ 2 Splice-On Connecters, and Sumitomo’s patented dual independent ovens make this fusion splicer a preferred choice for extensive and diverse optical fiber networks. We include 250um Fiber Holders.