Test & Measurement EQUIPMENT RENTAL & LEASE Solutions

Somerset T&M Solutions offers a range of scanning receivers for precision network testing. For walk and drive testing of wireless networks. We offer models from leading manufacturers such as PCTEL.

Designed for drive testing, walk testing, troubleshooting, and monitoring of cellular, WiFi, IoT, and critical communications networks worldwide, scanning receivers provide the insights you need to improve coverage and quality of service throughout the wireless network lifecycle. Test instruments supports a wide range of wireless standards such as: 5G NR, LTE FDD, TD-LTE, NB-IoT, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, WiFi, etc.

Designed for Walk Testing
10 MHz – 6 GHz

The IBflex scanner combines a lightweight design with the power to test multiple technologies and bands simultaneously. It can be used to deploy 5G New Radio networks in sub-6 GHz spectrum, verify public safety coverage, optimize dense small cell deployments, and improve the reliability of IoT systems. Low power consumption and a hot-swap battery system make the IBflex scanner a convenient tool for a long day of walk testing or interference hunting.

Designed for Walk Testing:
Extends the range of IB Flex mmWave

Sub 6 GHz: 10 MHz – 6 GHz
mmWave: N257 (26.5-29.5 GHz),
N258 (24.25-27.5 GHz),
N260 (37-40 GHz),
N261 (27.5-28.35 GHz)

This highly flexible scanner that adds a microwave downconvert to extend the scanning range of the IB Flex to millimeter wave frequencies. HB Flex designed for testing 5G NR, LTE, 2G/3G cellular across mmWave (FR2) and sub-6 GHz (FR1) bands. It features Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) and simultaneous mmWave and sub-6 GHz measurements to help operators efficiently utilize all their spectrum and make a smooth transition to 5G.

Designed for Drive Testing
30 MHz to 6 GHz

This scanner delivers the precise 5G NR and 4×4 LTE MIMO measurements needed to make it the ideal choice for optimizing user experience during the transition from 4G to 5G. Designed for benchmarking and co-managing multiple wireless network technologies across sub-6 GHz spectrum, it features concurrent scanning for fast multi-technology and multi-channel measurements.


In addition to the core products that we carry, we can also offer accessories such as phase-matched cables, adapters, calibration kits, antennas and more with your rentals!