Test & Measurement EQUIPMENT RENTAL Solutions

We Deeply Understand The Technology Roadmap Of The Industry And Can Match The Test Requirements Of Your Application To Our Solutions.

With a dedicated engineering team and warehouse in Tempe, Arizona, Somerset T&M Solutions carries the equipment you need to achieve success, with rentals structured for maximum flexibility and support.

Why Rent T&M Equipment?

Short Term Need

No Capital Budget

Backfill Downtime

Contract/Program Expenditure

Changing Technology

Peak Load Requirements

Why Rent with Somerset T&M Solutions?

  • Somerset Capital group has been in the leasing business for more than 30 years
    • Stable company with a long track record of supporting our customers
    • Focused on supporting customers with equipment knowledge-driven solutions, not just financing – in all equipment verticals
    • Total leased assets of > $1B
  • Somerset T&M Solutions is co-located with our Somerset ATE Solutions group
    • Leverages our existing test equipment knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure
    • Local/accredited calibration capabilities
  • Our portfolio and rental programs will be guided by you
    • We are building on the experience and structures of a decades-old leasing company to create a test and measurement equipment rental company that you can mold

About Us

Somerset T&M Solutions is a new division of Somerset Capital Group. For more than 30 years, Somerset has offered customized, flexible, and innovative equipment-driven finance solutions that improve operations and increase return, across a wide range of equipment classes. By leveraging the infrastructure, processes, and personnel that is already in place, Somerset T&M Solutions is actively adding inventory to Somerset’s existing greater-than $1B of on-rent and on-lease assets. 

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