Test & Measurement EQUIPMENT RENTAL SALE & LEASE Solutions

Test & Measurement Equipment Rental Lease &
Purchase Solutions

Somerset T&M Solutions offers test and measurement equipment for cellular, base station, cell site, and mobile installations / maintenance (I&M). Various finance and lease options are available for maximum flexibility and support.

Fiber Fusion Splicers

Walk & Drive Test

Combination Analyzers

PIM Analysis

Antenna Alignment

Fiber-Optic Test

Cable & Antenna Analyzers

Software & Accessories

We Deeply Understand the Technology Roadmap of the Industry and Can Match the Requirements of Your Application to Our Solutions

With a dedicated engineering team and warehouse in Tempe, Arizona, Somerset T&M Solutions carries the equipment you need to achieve success. Our team offers a large variety of test and measurement equipment rental and lease options structured for maximum flexibility and support.

Why Rent Test & Measurement Equipment?

Short Term Need

No Capital Budget

Backfill Downtime

Contract/Program Expenditure

Changing Technology

Peak Load Requirements

Test Equipment Solutions for Rental Lease & Purchase From Industry Leading Manufacturers

Somerset T&M Solutions offers a range of cellular network and fiber optic test equipment for rental lease & purchase, allowing professionals to test and certify existing 4G and the next-generation 5G wireless (mobile) and fixed wireline networks, as well as certify and troubleshoot fiber optic networks. We carry solutions that are approved by the major operators such as Verizon, AT&T, DISH and T-Mobile.

Why Rent Lease & Purchase with Somerset Test & Measurement Solutions?

  • Somerset Capital Group has been in the leasing business for more than 35 years
    • Stable company with a long track record of supporting our customers
    • Focused on supporting customers with equipment knowledge-driven solutions, not just financing – in all equipment verticals
    • Total portfolio assets of > $1.2B
  • Somerset T&M Solutions is co-located with our Somerset ATE Solutions group
    • Leverages our existing test equipment knowledge, expertise, and infrastructure
    • Local/accredited calibration capabilities
  • Our portfolio and programs will be guided by you
    • We have built on the experience and structures of a decades-old leasing company to create a test and measurement equipment company that you can mold.
    • Somerset provides solutions that encompass the core instruments, application software, and accessories in a package that meet a wide range of engineering and financial requirements.
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